Degenerate Utopia (2012)

by doctorshopper

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Written, recorded, and released by Cult of Melancholia.

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released January 5, 2012



all rights reserved


doctorshopper Los Angeles, California

a collective of individuals from the nether regions of the port of los angeles.

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Track Name: Degeneration
I want to stab the portrait in your attic,
Rid this world of an addict.
I believe but I'm not a fanatic,
Not bereaved, just emphatic.

Track Name: Cognitive Fog
Take a bottle to sleep,
What a drag what a dream.
Take a pill for the shakes,
As the bends start to break.

We have impossible needs never quite as it seems.
We have impossible needs never quite as it seems.

I hate my world and don't want you in it.
I hate myself and don't want to talk.
I hate my friends and the shit they believe.
I hate everything still keeping me here.

A ring of smoke,
A ring of rope,
To wrap around,
My little throat.
Track Name: Recreational Emaciation
She doesn't like to eat so much,
Blames it on the drugs she does.
But I can hear her up at night,
Battling her appetite.

To cut a pound,
To skin an ounce.
To show some bones,
For us to count.

He likes to keep his figure thin.
Amphetamines and heroin,
Cigarettes and alcohol,
Long walks through the shopping mall.

They say you should.
They say you must.
Place all your faith,
In food and lust.
Starve your body.
Starve your soul.
Dream of never,
Growing old.
Track Name: Shooting Gallery
Puncture holes, aging skin
Scars from sticking needles in
Got an itch I love to scratch
Got my rig, my bag of trash.

I long to feel my legs collapse
I long to feel my eyes roll back
...let go

I belt & breath
I cook & sweat
prepare my fixture
of regret
In dire time
In vain recline
I search & find
The freshest vine
Track Name: Anterograde Amnesia
tried all the pills
still can't sleep
forgot how to breathe
forgot how to eat

tried all the pills
can’t tell what to think
loving every minute
as I vomit in the sink

i still
keep waking
Track Name: Ethnoreligious Convulsion
Trapped by antiquity
Maddened by anxiety
Corralled into militancy
If this is my destiny

then rip off my flesh
and cast off these robes

relinquish my birthright
I’ll die
all alone.
Track Name: Live Low and Prosper
Cashed in all your favors,
No one left to cheat.
You will find true happiness,
Starving on the street.

Wandering the chambers of a home

Snort down your last dollar,
Nothing left to eat.
You will find all that you need,
Crawling by your feet.

Wandering the chambers of a gun
Track Name: Somnote Diaries
Exchange by vanity, or inaction
Can't make sense of it all sometimes

Pouring poison in my soul's brook
Will i live to see much more

With all these grey hairs on my soul
The disorder has grown to great

I long to feel something more
Trapped in a prison
Of chloral hydrate.

Can i rise above?
At my funeral
I don’t want any doves.
Track Name: Affordable Health Act
I want to die
but I try
to be fucking cool about it.
I think to kill myself
but I don’t think
that I’ll ever have the strength
to do a fucking thing about it.

I can’t adapt.